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February 17, 2013
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    "Es hora de comenzar el torneo anual de toro de lidia. El primer concursante es..." the speakers announced with a booming echo. People smiled speaking different languages, mainly Spanish with a few people speaking English. It was like a really popular fair you had went to once in (home country) Your head buzzed with all of the people saying things so fast you couldn't understand them anymore. After a while it became a white noise.

    Then a voice called out. It sounded like the most beautiful song in existence, and it was in English (Well because it was in English. You had gotten sick of picking up words here and there that you knew vaguely), "____! There you are!" You turned, it was your friend, well boyfriend, Antonio. He was the one who had convinced you to go to the the tournament in the first place. He was going to be in it and you didn't want to miss the chance to see him.

    You perked your head up at the sound of his name on the speakers. He smiled at you and gave you a light peck on the cheek while winking, "I have to go. I'll be on in ten minutes. Make sure you find a seat." You giggled at his costume as he walked away, a flashy golden and red suit that sparkled slightly when the sun reflected off of it.

    That left you in the middle of the crowd, at least Feliciano and Lovino (with much dragging and cussing) had also come. They caught up to you, Feliciano holding a churro from a stand not twenty feet away. "Where'd Toni go?" Lovino said nonchalantly.

    "He's on in ten minutes so he went to get ready," you smiled at the Italian's grumpy attitude.

    "Let's go to our seats then!" Feli grabbed Lovino's arm and lead the three of you towards the stadium that would be used.

    You walked behind the brothers through the crowd, now lost in thought. Antonio had gotten you second row seats so you wouldn't have to look over the thick fence surrounding the stadium. You had read up on bull fighting and after many translations on Google Translate you had a general idea of what happened. It was a surprisingly complicated affair.

    Just then the speakers echoed with the announcer's voice. The stadium got fairly quiet but cheered when he announced something that sounded important. "The matadors are coming out," Feli, who sat next to you translated.

    "You speak Spanish?" you were surprised.

    "No, Spanish is-a pretty close to Italian though," Feliciano smirked, "It's like English and German. You can get a general idea of what it's saying," You nodded, understanding. Most of the time when Ludwig was speaking German you could understand a bit of it.

    Then Feliciano nudged you with an innocent smirk on his face, "And they have the announcements translated on that board." You looked over to where his gaze rested. A giant screen translated what the announcer said into a few other languages, including English. You pushed the Italian into his brother roughly, your face flushing out of embarassment.

    You were silenced from further talk by the erupting cheers of the spectators when you heard the beginning music start. You watched carefully for Toni as the matadors came out of their horses in lines. You were slightly taken aback by the horses' costumes. They were wearing what looked like blindfolds and a giant poncho. Getting past that, you spotted Toni as he came out in the line closest to you.

    "The matadors are in lines of three, the oldest on the left, newest in the middle, and the others on the right. Toni is only the third oldest to the Plaza so he's in the right column. See that guy without his hat on? That means he's new to the Plaza," Feli whispered to you. You raised an eyebrow in confusion, how did he know so much about this sport?

    Toni searched the crowd but stopped when he saw you. He smiled broadly and winked at you. You couldn't help but giggle at his appearance again. This was your first bull fight so you hadn't seen many people dress like that.

    As the beginning parade ended the announcer said something and everyone cheered. A huge black bull came out of a gate wearing a rosette with blue and white colors. "The bull is wearing the rosette with colors from the estate it was raised on," Feli whispered to you.

    Then it dawned on you, "Wait, Feli? Is Antonio actually going to kill the bull?"

    "Yep. The bull was raised for this exactly though. If he didn't kill it without the crowd's and the president's approval, it would be a huge dishonor, the bull would've been raised for no reason."

    Your eyes widened, Toni was going to kill a bull?

    "Oh, now one of Toni's assistants is coming out to wave the cape in front of the bull. This way Toni gets to know the bull's weaknesses and habits."

    You watched as the spectacle unfolded, your boyfriend watching the bull as other man teased the bull with his purple and gold cape. Toni took over himself for a while too.

    After a while two men entered the ring on horses with a lance each. "Those two guys are on horses that are padded and blindfolded so they don't panic when the bull attacks them. When the bull tries to attack the horses the guy stabs the muscle on the bull's neck weakening it so it's less likely to hurt the matador."

    You winced every time the men stabbed the bull, the scene becoming increasingly hard to watch. This was becoming kind of... bloody.

    Later on three more men came out holding what looked like rolled up flags. "Now, three guys try to put barbed sticks decorated with local colors in the bulls shoulders for decoration and to weaken it even more." The three men succeded in their mission, soon the sticks were decorating the bull's massive shoulders.

    Afterwards all of the men left in the arena disapeared. "Now, Toni, or the matador, is gonna come out with a red cape and a sword and kill the bull," Felicicano whispered to you.

    "F-Feli? How do you know about all of this?" you whispered back quietly.

    "Just ask Toni and he'll-a explain it... ALL of it," the Italian seemed amused by your confusion. Just then the crowd cheered deafeningly. You snapped you attention towards the arena and saw Antonio walking out with a red cape and a sword. He took off his black hat revealing brown shaggy hair and bowed in your direction before standing back up straight. "He just dedicated the bull's death to you! You usually dedicate it to the president in charge of the fight or the crowd," Feliciano said excitedly to you.

    You felt a smile creep onto your face unexpectedly. Lovino rolled his eyes when you glanced at him. Then the bull's attention was caught to Toni and he began to wave it in front of the bull's face while dodging the bull's horns expertly.

    You watched in amazement as he performed sort of a dance with the bull. Twists and turns, side to side, he seemed to be dancing to an imaginary song. Then... the unexpected.

    His dance was interrupted by accidently making a step in the wrong direction. You along with the stadium gasped as Toni was flung in the air, his sword lost from his grasp. The stadium got quiet, so quiet you could audibly hear the sickening thud as he hit the ground. The bull's snorts and stamping of it's hoofs loudly reverberated off of the ground. Toni lay there limp and you grabbed Feli who grabbed Lovino.

    Six men, Toni's assistants rushed out and carried him back in the gate. An announcement was made as the stadium became loud again. You practically fell out of your row as you scrambled through the crowd to get out of the stadium. You heard Lovino call after you, "____?! Where are you going!?"

    "I'm going to go get a churro, WHERE DO YOU THINK I'M GOING!?" you shouted at him.

    You heard him yell something at Feliciano before they took off after you. You slowed momentarily allowing Lovino to take the lead. "I know where they're taking him, follow me," Lovino glanced back at you and Feliciano.

------------------------------------------------(time skip)---------------------------------------------------------------
    "Where is Antonio?" you said to the receptionist trying not to panic.

    "He's in Room 13," she said with a thick Spanish accent.

    "Thank God you didn't have to wait, we'll wait out here until your done," Feliciano said quietly while keeping Romano from protesting.

    You entered the quiet room. The silence was deafening after the roar of the crowd. It was the perfect size for a bull fighting stadium infirmary room. Not too big or too small.

    "Toni?" you said quietly entering the cozy room.

    "Sí?" was the labored response.

    "Oh my God Toni! Are you okay!?" he turned his head at your voice.

    "____? What are you doing here mi amor?"

    "I wanted to see you, why else?"

    "I-I sucked huh?" he chuckled despite himself.

    "You were amazing," you said seriously.

    "Heh, don't ever ask me to dance I guess." You frowned and kissed his neck lightly.

    "Stop putting yourself down Toni," you said stirring his hair with your warm breath.

    "I hope dedicating the bull to you but not killing it isn't bad luck." You smiled at his weak grin, "Sorry about this ____, I'll make it up to you. We'll go to Picos de Europa..." his eyes began to drift closed.

    "Toni!?" you found yourself say rather loudly. His eyes closed with a last smile before his head drifted lazily back onto the pillow.

    You hugged him lightly feeling his warm skin... and his pulse, just to make sure. "T-Te Amo Toni, don't ever forget that my brave matador."

-------------------------------------------------(Extended Ending)---------------------------------------------------
    A small camera crew came into the infirmary room hoping to ask Toni what happened. They were linked to a big screen outside. Every eye in the stadium was watching the live feed hoping to know what happened.

    They rounded the corner and found you, your arms wrapped around Toni's neck, your head resting on his shoulder. You were sitting on a chair that had been in the corner and had apparently fallen asleep like that. The two of you asleep together was perfect. As the camera crew stood there not sure of what to do they kept their cameras trained on you and Spain.

    In about five seconds people started waving their colorful handkerchiefs, a sign of appreciation towards the matador. A few held up flowers. You continued to hold Toni and dream on...

"Es hora de comenzar el torneo anual de toro de lidia. El primer concursante es..."- It is time to begin the annual tournament bull. The first contestant is ...
"Mi amor"- My love
"Te Amo" - I love you
Request from :iconcherrytheninja: I'm so sorry it's horrible :iconheaddeskplz: It took me all day because my word document thing was being stupid. Again used Google Translate, comment if you have a problem. Lol I wasn't sure if I should actually post this story, I know it was a request. But I didn't know they actually killed the bull! Lol I'm such an American :iconsweatdropplz: If you have a problem with translations leave a comment! NOTE: I changed the story a bit because it was bugging me.

Extras :iconftwplz:
How I learned about Spanish bull fighting:…
AMG I wanna go to here!!!!! The place Spain mentioned:…
Disclaimer: I DO NOT own Hetalia but this guy does---------------------->:iconhimaruyaplz:
I don't own the preview image either... just found it on Google...
You belong to :iconsexyspainplz: or :iconsexyspain2plz: or even :iconspaintomatoplz:

Being tiredly fabulous! :iconfabulousplz:
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GlowKit Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2014  Student Writer
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Spirit-of-Zenith Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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Spirit-of-Zenith Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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Taco1up Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2013
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Spirit-of-Zenith Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
xD Yeah, that kinda sucks. Thanks though~
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