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February 17, 2013
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    "So, will you be my valentine?"

    "No," he said rather bluntly.

    You turned your head up towards the chocolate eyed Italian. Another? This year Lovino seemed pretty popular. This was the third girl to ask him, and it wasn't even first period. Lovino turned away from the tearing brunette. Your own (e/c) eyes darted away to your feet not wanting to see her cry. She was fairly good friends with you but not good enough that you would do anything about it. She trudged away slowly, leaving the Italian to glance at her before turning around to walk to his next class. Now.

    "Hey, Lovino," you smiled at him and pretended that you didn't just witness the scene before you.

    "Ciao, ___," he said simply barely acknowleging your presence. You knew not to be discouraged, he was always like this.

    "You seem to be pretty popular this year. It's not even first period," you said careful not to reveal that you'd been paying attention to him all morning. The bell rang and you resisted the urge to walk faster to class.

    "This is stupid, why do girls even bother if they say know what I'll say? I hate Valentine's Day," the brown-haired teen said, making his point by kicking a fallen paper heart rather roughly.

    "Maybe they just hope that you'll have a change of heart?" you looked at the now crumpled paper heart before giving it a gentle shove with your foot.

    "Idiotas..." he frowned. The high pitched late bell rang above you making you jump slightly with surprise. Right into Lovino.

    You closed your eyes, waiting for the impact of the tiled hallway. Slowly, you dared to opened your eyes, your body still tensed for impact. You were surprised, but Lovino looked more surprised than you did. That's when you felt his surprisingly strong grip on your shirt. His face was close enough that you could see his chestnut hair drooped over his face, making it harder to see the features but it was easy enough to see the whites of his widened brown eyes. You relaxed, a moment too soon. He dropped you roughly on the ground.

    "U-Uh," was all that came out of his mouth. You scrambled up and looked up and down the hall, making no one had just seen that display. Good, nobody was there. Wait, that meant you were late for class. Great.

    Without another word Lovino set off down the hallway towards his homeroom. At least you had different classes until fifth period. You could hear a break in his footsteps momentarily as he stopped and was about to tell you something. Apparently, he thought better of it because he returned to his quickened pace.

    You continued your trip down the quiet hall towards your homeroom. Thinking of what to say, you opened the door to your first period. Everyone turned their attention towards you and you felt thirty pairs of eyes fall upon you. You looked at your teacher at pretended to be surprised.

    "I was in the bathroom," you lied surprisingly easily. The teacher frowned and scribbled something in her notebook. The rest of the period passed rather uneventfully, as did second, third, and fourth period. At recess you saw Lovino but only momentarily. He caught your gaze for a moment, and looked like he was about to say something but his brother Feliciano turned him away.

     You sighed and looked at the ground after glancing up at your friend, (friend 1).
    "Hey, why were you late in homeroom?" (friend 1) furrowed his/her brow slightly with a concerned look. He/She watched you as you avoided their gaze. "Come on, it's Valentine's Day," you shook your head slightly tickling your nose with (h/c) hair.

    "I-I just... I wanted to tell him today but now isn't best day..." you felt your (e/c) eyes sting slightly with the beginning of tears. "It's Valentines Day for God's sake! Today would be like the best day to tell him... But after he caught me it just..." you sighed and put your head softly on (friend 1)'s shoulder.

    He/She looked at you and smiled slightly while shaking his/her head. Whatever happened between you two must had to have been pretty awkward. "Don't you just love school?" he/she asked sarcastically.
--------------------------------------------------------(time skip)-------------------------------------------------------
    (Fifth Period) You walked in and sat down at your "wooden" desk. You began to get out your homework from yesterday from your (f/c) backpack when something landed on your desk with a light tapping sound. Grabbing your notebook you looked up.

    It was a note. A note? Looking around no one was looking at you. Opening it slowly it read:

Meet me at the back of the locker rooms during lunch.

    Oh no, what did he want to say? The possibilities of many conversations ran through your mind throughout class. Two periods later, all too soon but you felt class had also dragged on finding yourself looking up at the clock every five minutes or so... lunchtime came.

    Walking towards the cafeteria, you found yourself wondering if you should show up. After all, why did he want to talk to you if he dropped you... You sat down at the usual lunch spot, your small group of friends soon joining you.

    They made light talk until one of them, Alfred, noticed your state, "Hey, ___, your pretty quiet. You okay dude?"

    "Yeah you're always talking. You okay?", (friend 2) said turning everyone's gaze towards you. You slowly dug out the note that Lovino had been left on your desk. Turning it over you tossed it into the middle of the table(or whatever you sit on).

    (friend 2) opened it up and scanned over it before looking at you. A few people passed it around before everyone understood.

    It was quiet until Arthur asked what everyone was thinking, "Well, what are you doing here?"

    "I well... I don't know what he's gonna say because this morning when I tripped he caught me and looked really surprised because... our faces were like this close," You lazily spread your hands to about five inches apart.

    A few small gasps and "Ooooooo"s erupted from the table making you turn pink. "Just go, we'll come with you!" Alfred said, a small smirk plastered on his face.

    "O-Okay," you stumbled. You stood up and everyone did the same, throwing what was left of their lunches away. Butterflies rose in your stomach as you walked to the locker rooms.

    "We'll be right here," (friend 2) said smiling to cheer you on. You started to open your mouth but your vocal chords had gone silent. Turning around you went to the back hearing a few whispers as you rounded the corner.

    Your heart nearly left your chest, he was already there leaning against the wall, arms crossed. Lovino's head picked up at the sound of footsteps. As you walked towards him he stood up straight. Each footstep taking you closer to having a heart attack.

    "____," he said unusually quietly.

    "Look, before you say anything. I'm sorry, this must be the last thing you want to hear from me. But Lovino... I can't help myself. You're just so amazing. Lovino, I-I love you..." you said quietly. You wanted to spill all of your feelings and just hug him tightly right there. It took most of your self control just to not fall from the wave of light-headedness washing over you.

    He looked at you in surprise, his hazel eyes wide for the second time that day. "_-____," he studdered clearly taken off guard.

    "I'm sorry Lovi..." he winced at your pet name for him. You looked at the ground, the dusty cement was very interesting apparently.

    Suddenly the breath was knocked out of you as you were slammed up against the wall. Your own (e/c) eyes met his hazel. He looked at you with a fierceness that would normally make you shrink back. He trapped you with both of his arms on either side of you.

    "You... you call me here to tell me that? You make me wait for ten minutes behind a dirty locker room, miss lunchtime that I could've spent usefully, and then you come here and tell me you love me!?" he narrowed his eyes at you. Your heart beat so hard that he surely must've heard it. You tried to speak but only a squeak came out.

    His lips rammed up against yours forcefully. After the inital shock of your crush kissing you catching you off guard you relaxed and wrapped your arms around his neck gently. He pulled away slowly and looked into your eyes once again, with less fire in them. "Why didn't you tell me sooner... I just, I can't begin to explain to you how long I've been waiting to hear those words come out of your mouth. Sorry for yelling..." he said with his rough tone still applied. He averted his gaze guiltily but you pulled him back into another kiss before he could say anything else.

    This time you pulled away, "Wait... I called you here?"

    "Yeah, you left this note in fifth period on my desk," he said pulling a slip of paper out of his pocket and showing it to you.

    You pulled yours out and showed him, "I got one from you in fifth period too."

    "Uh, ____?" Alfred's voice came from your right.

    You pulled away from Lovino and looked at him, "What?"

    "We found this kid snooping around here, he says he's Lovino's brother." You glanced at the Italian to your left as Alfred pulled Feliciano out, having a strong grip on his shirt.

    "Nopleasedonthurtmefratello!" Feli shook violently in Alfred's grip.

    "Who set this up!?" Lovino demanded.

    "ItwasallToni'sidea! HimandFrancistoldmetofollowyouhere!Pleasedonthurtme!" the small Italian squeaked.

    Right then Lovino frowned, muttering what you imagined was a curse. He looked up at his brother, "Tell Toni... tell him. Grazie." He pulled you into a hug and whispered with his rough voice through a rare smile, "Ti amo ____."

    Alfred and Feli stared for a minute before Lovino looked at them. "Don't you two have somewhere better to be!?" They quickly disapeared behind the wall leaving you and your Italian.

"Ciao"- Hello
"Grazie"- Thank you
So this is a request for :iconglowkit: It's a oneshot. I. WAS. SO. LAZY. Can you tell? I'm sorry I've just been playing the same song on loop for probably an hour and a half while typing and haven't even noticed! AMG so tired. Such a late Valentine's Day special...
NOTE: I fixed most of the typos and mistakes after reading it again :D

Sorry, no Extras today :(
Disclaimer: I DO NOT own Hetalia but this guy does---------------------->:iconhimaruyaplz:
I don't own the preview image either... got it off another fanfic...
You belong to :iconsexyromanoplz: or :iconsexyromano2plz: or mabye :iconsexyromano3plz:

Requests not open... I don't like requests anymore >.< So much thinking... Sorry...

Stay fabulous everyone! :iconfabulousplz:
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Mitsuki-Usagi-chan Featured By Owner May 27, 2014   Artist
"Nopleasedonthurtmefratello!" Feli shook violently in Alfred's grip.

"Who set this up!?" Lovino demanded.

"ItwasallToni'sidea! HimandFrancistoldmetofollowyouhere!Pleasedonthurtme!" the small Italian squeaked. 

I laughed to death! xD Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Senpai notice me) [V3] 
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