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June 2, 2013
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    Soccer. You had hated the sport ever since third grade. So you didn't know what to do when your best friend Feliciano called you to ask you if you wanted to play "Calcio". He knew you hated soccer too, so why did he call you?

    "Toni's going to be there," there was your reason. You could almost picture the Italian smirking. It was so unlike him most of the time, but when it came down to you, Feli's "Migliore Amico per Sempre!", and Toni, his brother's best friend, there was nothing more fun to deal with.

    You groaned, Toni was the deal breaker, "Fine, it's just for fun though... right?"

    "Of-a course il mio amico!" he said rather quickly, his words almost jumbling over themselves, "It starts in half an hour at the park on Fifth Street, bye!" You looked at the clock. Thirty minutes. You'd have plenty of time. Okay now what to wear?

--------------------------------------------------(Time Skip)-----------------------------------------------------------

    (At the park) You had chosen to wear shorts and a short sleeve (f/c) t-shirt with your favorite (s/f/c) sweater over top. The weather was perfect, the sun shining with a cool breeze that wasn't too strong. You got out of your car and looked at the park. It looked like a few others were already there. Glancing at your watch you realized you had gotten there about ten minutes earlier than it was scheduled to start.

    As you walked towards the gathering group, your saw your Italian friend was already there, along with France, Germany, Prussia, and America. Everyone was dressed like you were, much to your relief.

    "Feli!" you called to your Italian friend.

    "____! You're here!" he jogged up to you and hugged you briefly. "I'm-a sorry, I know you hate Calcio but we were one person short for even teams," another reason.

    "That's okay, I needed to get up off my butt and do something anyways," you shrugged it off, "Anyways, um do you think maybe you could teach me a little about it before we start?"

    "Of course! We can-a get Germany to help me teach you!" he smiled and called Ludwig over.

    "Vhat is it Italy?" the German man was followed by Prussia, who stuck closely to his little brother so he could poke the blonde repeatedly for no apparent reason.

    "____ needs to learn about Calcio, can you help me teach her?"

    "Alright," Ludwig tried, unsuccessfully, to push his brother away from him.

    "I'll help!" Gilbert chimed in, now batting at Ludwig's arm.

    "I hear we are going to teach ____ about zhe fine art of football, no?" France walked towards the gathering circle with America close behind.

    "Dude, it's soccer! This is not football!" America bounced along towards you. Alright. You had five countries teaching you about soccer, football, whatever you want to call it. You could not screw this up.

    "Alright so you know the basics don't you? Goalkeeper, defenders and such?" Alfred held the ball in one of his hands, tossing it up and down playfully.

    "Uh, yeah," you recalled the positions from your various P.E classes in school over the years.

    "Good, lets practice then dude!" Alfred smiled kicking the ball into the air and catching it easily.

--------------------------------------------------(Time Skip)-----------------------------------------------------------

    It turned out Denmark, Greece, Russia, England, Romano, Japan, and of course Spain showed up. There was going to be six on each team. You were kind of nervous, I mean, they all were in the 2010 World Cup. You had watched them yourself, after much of Feli's begging to watch him play. And they played hardcore.

    "All right! Time to pick teams!" America shouted as everybody finished greeting their friends. "Ludwig and Toni are captains!" you were surprised Alfred didn't make himself a captain.

    Getting into the line with everyone else you waited to be picked. No doubt you were going to be picked last, you always were for sports. Not that you really minded though. Sure enough you were picked for second to last to be on Ludwig's team. You managed a smile, now you could be competitive against Toni in something at least.

    You were playing with Germany, Greece, England, Russia, and Italy and you were up against Spain, Denmark, Romano, America, Prussia, and France.

    You're team gathered in a loose circle, Germany's gaze making it's way to each of you, "All right, who's playing vhat?"

    "Midfielder," Arthur said.

    "I'll be midfielder too," you crossed your arms, hoping no one would object. You didn't have the confidence to be a forward or be that close to the goal yet. Arthur was a pretty good friend of yours anyways. Along with Feli they were some of your closest friends.

    "Goalkeeper," Ivan was already slipping the goalie gloves Germany had brought.

    "Zhat leaves me und Italy as forwards if you don't mind being fullback Greece," Germany stood up straighter so Italy would stop leaning on his arm for a moment.

    "I don't mind," the Greek seemed more alert than usual. Everyone made their way to their positions and did short stretches.

    The ball was set in the middle, Italy and Germany in their positions. Standing behind Italy, you noticed the nation now seemed completely focused. It looked like Spain had chosen to be a forward with Prussia. France and Denmark stood behind them with Romano as defense. America stood ready in the goal and patted his gloves together.

    A silence washed over the park, even the birdsong seeming to stop. You saw Spain and Prussia exchange a smile between them and immediately the game started when Antonio advanced on the ball and kicked it high above the trees of the park. You glanced at the smile on his face and knew this is what he loved doing, this sport was his.

    Was it a mistake coming here to go up against him? But then how could you say no to Feli? You thought briefly of the Italian's begging face when he asked you to do something. His beautiful amber eyes growing to an impossible size; his lower lip sticking out slightly. The classic puppy dog face.

    Bam! You looked to where the sound came from and saw the ball had been practically jump-kicked by Prussia who crouched in his landing position. It flew towards Arthur and the Brit let his chest take the impact. He caught the rebound with the top of his foot and he kicked it towards you as Gilbert and Toni raced towards him. Panic flared and you reached out your leg, catching the ball surprisingly. You looked around, Prussia raced towards you, Germany was blocked by Denmark so you saw your chance and brought your foot hard to the ball that now rested in front of you. It soared towards Italy and he stopped it like Arthur had, quickly recovering and faking out France. He passed it to Germany who now acted like a bulldozer. The German plowed passed Denmark and Romano who swore loudly and the blonde took a shot at Alfred.

    You winced as the loud thud of the ball hitting Alfred's gloves resounded. You could only imagine how hard Germany's kicks were. Especially when he was being competitive. America adjusted his grip on the ball smoothly and kicked far across the field from his position in the goal, the ball seeming to hang in midair for a second before it passed over you. It bounced one... twice... Japan hooked it with his foot sent it flying across the field towards you.

    You vaguely remembered Prussia behind you. He had seemed to know Japan would pass the ball to you. Suddenly, everything was in slow motion. Adrenaline left it's home and rushed through your body at a blurring speed. Dilating air passages, and thus increasing oxygen flow to the brain to heighten your senses. Your muscles felt restless, like you couldn't stop if you wanted to. Colors brightened so you could greatly make out detail. Sounds sounded so much more real, like reality hadn't ever been real. You thought back to the World Cup, those hours staring at that screen to see if Feli would win so you could go to the next game in person instead of being stuck behind a screen. Secretly changing the channel whenever no one was in the room to Antonio's game. That couldn't have been for nothing! You relaxed and let your instinct take over. Prussia wouldn't get that ball!

    You felt yourself reach out at the ball with your leg, catching with your shin to send it up in the air. The albino behind you made his appearance, aiming to capture the ball and send it flying towards the goal. You realized his aim would be off of where the ball would actually land. Weaving in front of the Prussian you flashed a smile at him for a second before allowing the ball to bounce right between you two with a few feet to spare. Gilbert reached a well-muscled leg out to unsuccessfully catch the ball (as you had predicted). Both of you glanced at the ball now barely above your heads before you stepped in front of the albino to cut him off from the ball and, as expected, you felt a push from him behind from the German behind you that tried to get the ball. A late reaction. You had counted on this, it sent you hurtling towards the ball, letting it bounce off of your head so you could hook it with your foot and send it Italy's way once again.

    You glanced back at Prussia, he seemed surprised. But he smiled, a "Nicely done!" showing in his eyes. You didn't dare speak, but only smiled back. Panting slightly, you smiled back. Maybe it was worth it to watch soccer after all. Your adrenaline rush still affected your body, leaving you shaking. You hoped Toni had seen that. If not, at least Prussia could brag about it to him.

    Watching the as German man bulldozing again was quite a sight. You smiled and he unexpectedly passed it to Italy, narrowly missing Denmark's head, leaving the nation slightly in shock of being so close to being hit.

    But the Italian had seemed to expect the pass though because by the time he had sent it flying towards the goal America had barely registered that Italy was going to score. He tried unsuccessfully to block it, missing by a mile to catch it. You heard a cheer go up and you let out a small Whoop! yourself.

-----------------------------------------------------(time skip)----------------------------------------------------------

    The rest of the game passed without anymore epic moments from you really. The score ended up being 3-4, Toni's team winning. You didn't feel to bad though, it was the first soccer game you actually tried in.

    Everyone met back up in the center of the field and sat down in a large circle (well it was really more of a oval). You were exhausted to say the least. Your adrenaline had long since left you stranded and tired so you lay back on the grass, your jacket covering your face. It felt like it had been a million years since you last slept. Feli sat by you you finally deciding to use his lap as a pillow.

    You could vaguely make out what they said between dozing off. Finally you recognized your name. What were they talking about? you vaguely wondered, not bothering to take the jacket form over your face. You felt Feli shift under your weight and you snuggled deeper into Feli's crossed arms on his lap, still half asleep.

    "____... really... player... see... flash," was what you could make out.

    "Yeah right?" it was Toni's voice. You opened your eyes at his voice. He sounded closer than you remembered him sitting. Maybe it was just your imagination though. "I didn't know she could play fútbol until today."

    "I've been trying to get her into a sport, and I figured everyone knows how to play Calcio," it was Feli, "But she surprised me too. The only time I've seen her practicing was right before the game started, not anytime else, just watching it whenever I play. She hasn't really gotten into it until now."

    "But the way she blocked the ball from you Gil, and how she knew how to kick it that far across the field and still be accurate. Not bad for a girl, but I wonder how she knew all that from just watching," Toni was talking again.

    "I didn't know," you mumbled. It became quiet and you figured everyone was looking at you.

    "What chica?" the hood was removed from your face and you rolled over, squinting in the bright light.

    "I didn't know-" you stopped once you realized who you were laying on. Scrambling up, you sat on the grass about a foot away from the Spaniard.

    "Did you sleep well?" his accent made your mind want to go blank, but you fought it.

    Your face heated up in a large blush and you brushed a strand of hair back. You had been sleeping on Toni's lap?! You snuggled into his arms... You were that close to him! How did Feliciano and Toni switch without you noticing? As you glanced at Feli you realized he was smiling and he winked at you.

    "I-I-I," your face only succeeded in getting redder. Grabbing your jacket you buried your head in it and forced yourself to stop talking. God, why did this always happen?

    "Mon Dieu, just ask her out already Toni! Your scaring zhe poor fille!" Francis chuckled. A small suit of laughter followed.

    "But it's so fun messing with the chica!" Spain laughed.

    Wait, what? "You jerk!" you pushed the emerald eyed man over. He laughed loudly and tried to shield himself from further pushing.

    "Fine! Fine! I'll ask her out!" he smirked at you, "If she can beat me in a one on one game."


"Migliore Amico per Sempre!"- Best Friend Forever! (Italian)

"il mio amico!"- My friend! (Italian)

"Mon Dieu"- My God (French)

"Fille"- Girl (French)

"Chica"- Girl (Spanish)
Sup guys! Do. You. Know. How. Lazy. I've. Been? So lazy I haven't uploaded anything in for-ev-er! Well anyways, here's a fanfic I'd had sitting in my documents for a while, waiting to be finished. I wanted to do something different, not just fluff for once. So, this popped out. A sports fic! :iconyayspainplz: It became so long that I have to make a second part too! SO there will be a part 2! I've been getting really interested in soccer lately and I've been meaning to write this. It was actually really fun to make! I got to learn about the positions, the different names for soccer in other countries, and the 2010 World Cup! It was so cool to learn about all of it. If you have any problems with the translations, leave me a comment with a DIGITAL PENCIL! ONLY $9.95! Lol jk you can just use your keyboard, no charge.

NOTE: Don't forget to leave a comment on which story you think I should complete next here ---> [link]

Extras! :iconftwplz:

What is adrenaline and how does it work? [link]

Names around the world for Association Football-> [link]

Positions in soccer -> [link]

Want to learn about the World Cup 2010? [link]

Disclaimer: I DO NOT own Hetalia but this guy does---------------------->:iconhimaruyaplz:
I don't own the preview image either... just found it on Google...
You belong to :iconsexyspainplz: or :iconsexyspain2plz: or even :iconspaintomatoplz:

FINAL PART: [link]

Lazily fabulous my readers! :iconfabulousplz:
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