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June 19, 2013
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    "Fine! Fine! I'll ask her out!" he smirked at you, "If she can beat me in a one on one game."

    You stared back at the Spaniard, mouth slightly open. If you could beat him? You had no chance! Even if you did understand a lot about it by now, you were completely and utterly doomed. Soccer was his favorite sport, you always saw him practicing on weekends, in the morning, at night, whenever he could get away with it!

    Antonio's emerald eyes stared challengingly at your own (e/c) ones. You fought the strong urge to look away, trying not to show you were scared. Closing your mouth you stared back defiantly. When you closed your eyes, you noticed how silent it was.

    Taking a deep breath, you opened your eyes, "Traelo."

    He chuckled, "Whenever you're ready, ____."

    "Give me five minutes," you said holding up a hand and jogging off to the restroom on the far side of the park.

    You arrived at the restroom and stood in front of the scratched mirror, leaning on the sink heavily. What did you just agree to? You were going to screw it up in front of everyone!

    A wave of stress washed over you and you felt your throat tighten, a knot forming at the base. No... no crying. You looked up at your reflection, eyes watery. You allowed a small pitiful sniffle. Taking a deep breath, you felt the knot relax slightly.

    You'd be fine.

---------------------------------------------------(Time skip)-----------------------------------------------------------

    Once you were back, you and Toni started to head onto the field. A hand grabbed onto your sleeve and a small squeak escaped as you nearly fell from the pull.

    "____," it was Feliciano, Ludwig close behind him.

    "What?" you whispered as you glanced at Toni, who continued onto the field.

    "I'm sorry I let it get this far, none of us expected him to do this."

    "It's fine Feli, I'm not too worried about this," you lied.

    "Thanks," he gave a grateful smile, "Now listen to Germany." He stepped back to allow the German to stand closer.

    "Okay ____, Antonio has two flaws," you nodded, "One, he's too overconfident, he's going to figure that you wont know a whole lot about fussball. Prove him wrong, remember what I showed you before the game started?"

    You nodded again, "That one defensive move?"

    "Ja, that one, and seem like you know a whole lot more about fussball, it'll catch him off guard," he glanced up at the waiting Spaniard behind you.

    "Sí ____ and two, now before you get out there, you should know he relies on speed. If you predict his moves then your set! Okay now go!" your Italian friend shooed you onto the field.

    As before, Spain set the ball in the middle. You stood opposite to him, and looked over towards Japan, who was playing referee. Glancing back to Antonio, you fought to stay focused.

    Remembering Ludwig's advice, you winked at him and wore a knowing smile. He seemed confused, and you took that advantage to advance on the ball and took it away from in front of him. He reacted quickly and a wave of nervousness washed over you as he advanced. You watched his feet and tried to predict what he would do.

    As you tried to react yourself he faked you out and was headed towards the goal. You raced to cut him off, and instead kicked the ball out of boundaries. France retrieved the ball and threw it back in. You attempted to catch it but Toni jumped in front of you and caught it with his chest.

    You weaved in front of him and he faked you out again. Growling slightly, you cut him off when he was about to shoot into your goal. You stopped in front of him, letting the ball bounce off of your shin.

    When you moved to catch the ball he stepped in front of you again, making the ball bounce off of his head. He ended up facing away from the goal, glancing behind him to see his chance to shoot. You stayed behind him, waiting for him to move. Sure enough, he turned to shoot and you reacted sooner.

    Kicking the ball to your right, you caught it and began to dribble it across the field, always keeping it within leg's reach. Toni caught up around midfield and reached out to snatch it away. You turned, blocking him, and slid around the brunette, taking the ball with you.

    Gaining a couple of yards, Toni caught up and, again, tried to regain control of the ball. He captured it with a swift kick to the ball to your right, catching you off guard. He took off, speeding down the field with you in hot pursuit.

    You took a chance and stepped in front of the Spaniard, forcing him to stop his advance on your goal. Seeing your chance you caught the ball with your foot and once again regained control, making a mad dash towards his goal. He tried to block your shot towards his goal unsuccessfully, the ball sailing easily in.

    A cheer rose from where the countries were sitting. You took a deep breath, raising your hands to behind your neck and jogged back to midfield again. Noticing how dark the sky had become you sighed. The lights for park had been turned on and you could see sweat glisten off of your arms. The temperature was dropping slightly and your hands felt clammy.

    As Toni took his position again he smiled, "Nicely done."

    Your heart jumped, Focus ____, focus. "Thanks, are you going easy on me or something?" Japan placed the ball in the middle of the two of you again.

    The Spaniard flashed a smile, "Nope."

----------------------------------------------------(Time skip)----------------------------------------------------------

    Most of the game was the same, you scored once more and Toni had scored twice so it was tied. The stars had long since been out and a few of the countries, Russia and Denmark, had gone home. Many stayed though, to see how it turned out.

    Both of you were sweating heavily by the time you only had five minutes left in the half hour game. You were once again exhausted, another adrenaline rush there and gone. Currently you were struggling to keep the ball under your control, Spain had gained it and you were battling for it again. You now predicted most of his commonly used moves and it was almost an even match. Reaching for the ball repeatedly you found it was always blocked, likewise Toni was always blocked from escaping with the ball.

    So, you had been stuck in one spot for almost a minute when he switched directions twice. You weren't able to keep him from escaping. He raced towards your goal and you nearly tripped spinning around to pursue him.

    You remembered the move Germany had showed you, it would be perfect. When he tried to fake you out again you turned a complete circle to confuse him. Reaching out for the ball you caught it but Toni had apparently anticipated this.

    He regained control easily and delivered the death blow of a kick. It had no chance of missing from that close. With a small swishing sound, the ball sank into the net and was motionless. Cheers rang out from several countries and you sighed. With only thirty seconds left you had no chance of making another goal with Toni's skills. Even if you did, it would still be a tie.

    Italy jogged up to you and you were caught in a hug. "You were great ____!" Feliciano smiled as he pulled away.

    "Thanks, but I still lost," you smiled sadly.

    "But you were better than anyone expected, you should've heard England and America talking while you two played! Everyone was impressed ____!"

    You smiled broadly, "Really? Even Lovino?"


    "Wow, that's great!" you exclaimed.

    "Yeah! Uh, hey ____? Are you okay? You look tired," a look of concern spread across his features.

    "No duh Feli, I just played two games," you chuckled realizing his point.

    A wave of sleepiness spread over you, your vision becoming slightly darker. Your eyes widened in an effort to see more clearly. Your head felt lighter and your vision became dotted with orange and yellow static. Looking at Feli, your realized your eyes were only able to make out a vague shape.

    "Feli?" managed, your voice becoming panicked. He took a step towards you and your vision became black, only being able to feel that you crumpled to the ground before passing out.

-----------------------------------------------(Time Skip)--------------------------------------------------------------

    "____, si prega di svegliarsi," the voice came from above you. You were in a daze, too weak to open your eyes and to speak, only able to hear. You wanted to say something, at least you think you wanted too. You could vaguely feel something cold run down your face.

    "Si prega di svegliarsi, si prega di svegliarsi," the voice repeated. It was Feli's... you thought. Not being very sure about anything you just listened.

    "Feliciano," the voice had a strong recognizable Spanish accent.

    "Si prega di svegliarsi ____."


    "What is it?!" Feliciano snapped, followed with more coldness on your cheeks.

    "Feli, c-can I hold her? Maybe she'll wake up," the voice was almost pleading.

    "Yeah..." the Italian couldn't resist an offer that might wake you up. You felt yourself being shifted until you felt the warmth of a body again.

    "_-____?" the Spaniard whispered. "_____, it's gonna be fine. It'll all be okay," you got the feeling he was saying that more to himself than you. "I'm sorry about everything. Making you play again, scaring you, but I just..." you could feel a pressure on your neck. "I'm sorry, te-" the last part lost as you dropped out of conciousness.

---------------------------------------------------------(Time Skip)----------------------------------------------------

    Beep... beep... beep. The slow, rhythmic sound filled your consciousness. You opened your eyes, squinting in the bright light above you. Eyes adjusting, you looked around slowly.

    Where in the world were you? Suddenly you noticed the body sleeping a chair by your feet. "T-Toni?" your voice came out like a croak.

    The green-eyed man moved slightly before picking his head up. Blinking drowsily, he narrowed his eyes as if to see you better.

    "Yeah?" he said sleepily.

    "____!" Feliciano shouted and you saw his shirt in your face as he hugged you. You hadn't noticed him sitting in the chair next to your head as you had only looked towards your feet. As Feliciano released you you turned towards him.

    He smiled, talking so fast he almost started to trip over his words, "Are you okay? No wait, don't answer that, I can't stand to hear you say no. But actually, maybe I can. Anyways..."

    "F-Feli? Feli! Quiet!" you said whilst trying not to laugh too hard. He became quiet and you smiled, "I'm fine, just what happened?"

    "Well the doctor said you had a heatstroke, just a small one though. Only enough to make you pass out. It was because of dehydration. France drove us to the hospital when you fainted and you got checked in about four hours ago."

    "Four hours? So it's about midnight?"


    "Oh my God guys, I'm so sorry about this," you began.

    "No worries, love," England had entered the small white room in front of America, who peered in. "Everyone was very concerned about you, we were happy to come," the green eyed man smiled, concern showing in his features.

    "I'm fine, thanks guys," you glanced around at the friendly faces.

    "Ahem," America cleared his throat rather loudly and looked pointedly at Spain.

    "____-" the brunette started standing up as you furrowed your brow. His green eyes met your gaze slowly, a memory popping up in the back of your mind.

    A warm body, holding you. 'I'm sorry, te-' it whispered.

    "I'm sorry, ____. I'm sorry I didn't mean for all of this to happen," true concern showed in his eyes. Another memory tried desperately to poke through.

    'Te a-'

    "Honestly, I just wanted to enjoy a game with you. I had never seen you so into something that I knew about. I just wanted to do something with you for once."

    'Te am-'

    "So I guess now, I only have one more thing to tell you," he took a step closer.

    "____, te-"

    "Te amo," you finished for him.

    He seemed slightly surprised but quickly recovered, leaning closely over the side of the white bed, "Exactly." You felt your heart begin to race as his head blocked out the bright lights. You closed your eyes, face ablaze.

    You felt the Spaniard's lips brush against yours, curled up into a soft smile. Smiling back, you closed the small gap. His scent filled your senses, a soft scent. Mostly of green, like a garden. You opened your eyes as he pulled back.

    "I would say get a room, but it seems that that would be pointless, considering this is your room ____," England remarked, laughing softly.

    "It's okay, we're done," you reassured him.

    "Excuse me, miss ____?" a blonde nurse pushed her way through the crowd of boys, grabbing stares from many of the guys. "We'll need you to stay the night to make sure you are properly hydrated to be released," she said with a soft smile.

     "Sure," you said, slightly crestfallen. You looked at Toni as the nurse walked out, "You can go home if you want."

    "No way," he laughed.

    "Are you sure?"

    "Of course!"

    "Thanks Toni," you leaned in to hug him, breathing in his scent again to relax, "It's scary in here without you."


"Traelo"- Bring it (Spanish)

"Si prega di svegliarsi"- Please wake up (Italian)
Hey guys :happybounce: Been a while huh? School's finally out and everyone is happy about it! Except for me! Oh well, I still get to text a lot of my friends, well a lot of them. Well, I guess it's about time I finished this part! So here you guys go you :iconspainhugplz: Sorry it got so fluffy at the end. But, that's what listening to Bruno Mars does ;P Don't forget to leave a comment, especially if you have a problem with the translations :icongilbosmilesplz:

Sorry no extras today :cries:

Disclaimer: I DO NOT own Hetalia but this guy does---------------------->:iconhimaruyaplz:
I don't own the preview image either... just found it on Google...
You belong to :iconsexyspainplz: or :iconsexyspain2plz: or even :iconspaintomatoplz:

First: [link]

Trying to stay fabulous while being tired~ :iconfabulousplz:
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