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January 26, 2013
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~I'm about to lose my mind, you've been gone for so long... I'm running out of time... I need a doctor, call me a doctor. I need a doctor... doctor... to bring me back to life...~
    As that song played on your Ipod as you walked along the bridge that spanned across the bay of your home town, Orange Bay.

    Tears fought against your (e/c) eyes threatening to stream down your cheeks. Your throat tightened as you fought them back, you didn't even dare blink because then the dam would burst open and you wouldn't be able to stop. Then, it hit you.

    The glittering expanse of Orange Bay sparkled gently up at you catching your eye. You looked over the edge of the bridge and stopped. The rail wasn't too high... No! Why were you even thinking that!?

    A passerby walked by you shooting a dirty glance. Then, something inside your body snapped. Something more than important, something deciding on your survival. You looked up and down the street; not too many people that would try to stop you. You glanced again at the beckoning blue-green salt water beneath your feet, chances of survival would be slim... Yes. You were sure you wanted to do this. The world was a cruel place, not kind to anyone, you saw that now. You lifted one of your legs so your right foot was on the solid rail. Grasping one of the beams, you hauled yourself up to the side of the bridge, the thin 2" piece of metal that kept you from falling to your death.

    By now your whole body shook violently, so violently that you almost slipped once. As the song you continued to play on your Ipod continued, you heard your favorite part. That's when the cool salty breeze you grew up with on your tongue every time you opened your mouth swept through the air gently. A wave of calmness washed over you and hearing the end of the song you stepped off of the bridge and it was almost slow motion as you seemed to feel the whole world around you. People screaming as they finally realized what had happened. Your eyes closed and you let yourself go limp awaiting the end of your world.

Spain's POV:
    It had been a perfect day, the sun warmed the young man's cheeks and glinted off of his ruffled brown hair. He smiled a bright smile that could bring dentists to their knees. His friend Alfred was showing him around Orange Bay, named one of the most beautiful cities in America 3 years in a row. And of course known for it's tomato farms, the soil being perfect for the vegetable (fine it's a fruit people).

    "Ah, Señor Alfred, this has been a wonderful day, sí?" he grinned in his thick Spanish accent. The two boys were taking a stroll on the bridge that connected the two sides of the bay.

    Alfred smiled at the cheery spanish man, "Sure was dude!" His glasses reflected sunlight off of them and onto your Ipod you held loosely in your hand. Spain nearly choked on the same air that you breathed at the same moment before your stepped off of the bridge. By now you had climbed onto the bridge edge. Quickly the spanish man ran the space between you two and reached over the side as you took your step.

Normal POV:
    You almost slipped out of your (f/c) jacket as he grabbed the hood of it, nearly missing.

    "Argh!" escaped from Spain's mouth as the full weight of you was put onto his arm. Your survival instincts kicked in and you tensed up with a squeak as you opened your eyes and saw nothing to separate you and the far away salt water.

    "Whoa, dude!" a voice from above shouted, another pair of arms grabbed onto your arms and slowly the two hauled you onto the side of the bridge. By now a whole crowd had gathered by where you had jumped. As you collapsed onto the bridge you fell onto both guys.

    All three of you lay there panting for a few seconds before the crowd finally helped all three of you to your feet. You decided to lay limp in the crowds' arms as you processed what had happened. Your (e/c) eyes stared blankly as you realized you had tried to kill yourself.

    "Senorita! Estás bien?" Spain took a step towards you but you just continued to stare blankly.
    "Dude are you okay?" America repeated Spain's words. Alarms blared in the distance getting closer; someone must have dialed 911.

    Spain kneeled on the ground and looked up into your face. You finally focused on his emerald green eyes, they showed true concern for you. You own (e/c) eyes had teared up after getting over the main shock. He brushed a strand of (h/c) hair out of you face. Finally your whole body shook and overcome with emotion you threw yourself into his arms nearly knocking the spanish man over again. Tears streamed down your face and he held you tightly as you sobbed openly.

-------------------------(time skip)------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(At the hospital) "Are you sure you are okay?" the nurse asked you quietly. The steady beeping of other monitors kept the silence from being to quiet.

    "Yeah," you said to the kind lady.

    "You'll need to have someone stay with you for tonight," she said, clearly there was no room for argument judging by the nurse's tone.

    "I will," a familiar voice said. It was Spain. Alfred had gone home about five minutes ago. He stood up and walked over to stand by you. You took a step away not fully feeling comfortable around the stranger.

    "Family," the nurse said clearly shooting the young man's offer down.

    "I-I don't have any," you replied quietly.

    "Boyfriend?" the nurse suggested but you stayed silent.

    "Alright then," the nurse sighed and gave the brown haired boy a slip of paper. He signed it and the nurse handed him another sheet of paper. You caught his name as he signed it, 'Antonio Fernandez Carriedo'.

----------------------------(time skip)-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    (At your house) Spain had driven you home, the nurse insisting upon it. Reaching the apartment complex you lived in both of you took the elevator to the third floor. Now you were steaming with irritation at.... well everything. The nurse who insisted you have someone home with you for the night. Both of you knew that she was just doing that to make sure you didn't try to kill yourself again. Antonio, who had that innocent grin plastered on his face made you want to slap it off of him. The five minute wait to get out of the parking lot listening to country songs, usually about love or drinking. Both of which had gotten you into this mess in the first place.

    In the elevator you fought back tears again for the second time that day. You just wanted to collapse on the floor and just lay there. It took every fiber of you being not too. The two of you walked down the narrow hall leading to your apartment. Before you gained access to your apartment you had a minute scramble trying to find your apartment keys.

    Finally once in your home you wanted to just sleep, even on the floor. "I'm gonna go to sleep," you said to the young Spaniard.

    "I guess I'll make dinner," Antonio said closing the door behind him. You were about to object but you just took a breath and trudged to your bedroom and fell asleep almost instantly being too tired to cry now.

----------------------------(time skip)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    You woke up with the smell of different foods drifting into the room. The fulfilling smell of steak, and the dry smell of pasta being the most noticeable. A rich and juicy smell of tomatoes after that. Feeling much more refreshed you slowly got out of bed and made your way to the kitchen. The clock read 9:00. You'd been asleep for a while.

    "Hola! Has dormido bien?" Antonio smiled as you walked into the kitchen. You had taken a bit of Spanish in high school and knew he had asked you if you slept well.
    "Yes," you replied quietly. Walking over to his station on the stove you peeked over his broad shoulders.

    "I hope you like it chica, it's nearly done," he smiled and looked over his shoulders. You looked at his emerald eyes and quickly looked away towards the food again. It was a medium sized steak with penne pasta on top and diced tomatoes lining the side.
    "B-but how did you make this?" you asked wide-eyed.

    "Well first you sauté the garlic over medium to high heat until it's slightly browned, but I like it better when it's more of a golden color-"

    "No, I mean like... how do you know how to cook this!?"

    "Well I took care of my little brother Romano for quite a while and he had a taste for this sort of stuff. He's Italian." Antonio explained rather nonchalantly.

    "W-wow," you said. "Thank you so much Antonio," you said.

    He slightly frowned at the mention of his name," How did you know my name?"

    "I..."you said not sure how to explain it without sounding creepy,"... just knew."

    "Fair enough," Spain said, "What's your name then?"

    "____,"you said. It was quiet for a moment except for the slowing sizzle of the steak.

    "It's done, perfecto!" Spain broke the silence and picked it up with some of your hot pads you kept in the drawer in front of him.

    He set the plate down on top of the kitchen table you rarely used. You sat down and stared at your dinner for a few seconds then remembered how hungry you were. After finishing the steak you sat back and smiled at Antonio for the first time since you had met the man.

    "I think I'll go back to bed," you said fully satisfied.

    "Okay, ____. I'll clean up in here," was the reply.

Spain's POV:
    Antonio watched as ____ went to bed. She was really beautiful, but he didn't know if she liked him back. She didn't seem really friendly earlier, in fact she seemed pretty mad. If it was at him, he didn't know.

    Maybe she was mad at him for saving her? But he couldn't just let her fall to her death. God, he was so confused.

    He took the small wooden cross he kept on a string made from sheep's wool from beneath his shirt. He rubbed the front of it absentmindedly. It was a habit he had developed, both the cross and string had been made in his home country so it reminded him of it. Now more than ever he wanted to go home, but at the same time he wanted to stay in Orange Bay.

Normal POV:
    You woke up refreshed, and almost felt like yesterday hadn't happened. Making your way to the T.V. room you yawned and almost sat on the couch. Almost.

    Right before you sat on your couch to turn on the T.V. you noticed that Antonio had fallen asleep on it. Turning around to face him you squatted down to where your faces were at the same height. Strands of his ruffled brown hair draped slightly in front of his face and his breaths blew them up and down gently. He was still dressed in the same clothes as yesterday and you realized he probably didn't have anything to change into.

    Then you remembered your boyfriend...EX-BOYFRIEND. He had left a few changes of clothes at your apartment for the nights when he stayed over, which was rare. Going back to your room you fished out a button up shirt, jeans, socks, and some boxers. They looked about Toni's size, not that you had really thought about it... a lot.

    Bringing them back into the living room you set them onto the coffee table in front of Spain.

    "____," he mumbled your name in his sleep. You turned and squatted again. Then you noticed a small wooden cross hanging from his neck that you hadn't noticed before. Looking at his face to make sure he hadn't woken up you picked up the small piece of wood. It looked like it had been made with... was that... Spanish Juniper? That would make sense. A dent had been made in the front of it and it was about the size of a thumbprint. He must have touched it a lot.

    "No te vayas, _____," Antonio murmered softly. You picked a lock of hair out of his face. He was cute when he was asleep. Wait. Why did you just think that? A flutter rose in your stomach. you looked up at the clock and realized it was nearly 10:00.

    You should probably get dressed and take a shower. Rising from your position in front of Spain you quietly walked out of the room. But you didn't know if you had stayed five seconds longer there you would have heard him whisper in his sleep,"Te amo____, no te vayas."

"Estás bien?"- Are you okay?
"Has dormido bien?"- Sleep well?
"No te vayas,"- Don't leave
"Te amo____, no te vayas."- I love you____, do not leave
My first CountryXReader!!!! :squee: This took me forever to do, so go easy please! And yes, I made Orange Bay up so don't look for it on Google Maps... I included Alfred for :iconglowkit:. BE HAPPY. Oh and sorry for the bad Spanish... heh heh Google translator...:iconsweatdropplz: Spain is so cute!!!! :iconhandspazzplz: EDIT: Hey guys, for all of you of you who read this, sorry the next few chapters are such a fail! It was my first SpainXReader k?
EXTRAS :iconftwplz:
Recipe for what Antonio made for you, but I twisted it a little,
Information about the tree Anotnio's cross is made from,
The song in the beginning is "I Need a Doctor" by Eminem ft. Skylar Grey & Dr. Dre. here's a link to the clean version,
Should I continue? Psh you know it!!!!
Disclaimer: I DO NOT own Hetalia but this guy does---------------------->:iconhimaruyaplz:
I don't own the preview image either... just found it on Google...
You belong to :iconsexyspainplz: or :iconsexyspain2plz: or even :iconspaintomatoplz:

Chapter 2: [link]

Chapter 3: [link]

Chapter 4(Final Chapter): [link]

Now HAVE A NICE DAY :iconfabulousplz:
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